Short form video sourcing & curation

Soulskill helps consumer platforms increase audience engagement, by leveraging its proprietary A.I. driven content recommendation engine to source, curate & publish short form digital video content from across the Internet

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What we do

Assisting India's most popular OTT discover & source content from short form creators mapped to specific categories

Assisting VMate grow its user base by identifying emerging short form video creators across media platforms

Helping ShareIt curate a feed of Cricket focused video content from Youtube based creators

The Soulskill Advantage

Brand Safe

We ensure that all content sourced through us is Safe for Work, and adheres to our clients brand guidelines - by applying a combination of automated & manual content moderation techniques

No more lost in translation

The best way to reach your audiences is in their preferred language. We have consciously defined our algorithms to work across language barriers, so that we can identify content on any language needed

Pin point accuracy

Our algorithms read through multiple signals on scanned content to ensure that we are able to classify not just on broad categories, but at an individual topic level ; i.e. "Backpacking in the Himalyas", as opposed to just "Travel"



Curation only

Receive weekly reports on the most relevant creators and trending videos, active on Youtube or any other social media platform
Any one topic area & language

End to End sourcing

We will manage the entire pipeline (sourcing, rights acquisition, moderation) for you and deliver ready to publish content to your CMS / CDN
Exact pricing will depend on topic area

Engagement based

Leverage our content recommendation engine to personalise content for your users - apart from also managing the content pipeline. Pay us only for the end viewership generated on your platform

The Future of Content

Keep up with the dynamic world of content marketing and online video publishing, with our founder, Hatim Baheranwala, as he interviews the leading minds in this space as part of our podcast series

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