Discover the right content creators
for your brand

Soulskill helps you find the most relevant video and mixed content creators across media platforms, thanks to our advanced tagging engine that allows in-depth search on the basis of topicality and interest points.

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The soulskill Advantage

Tags, not categories

We understand that ‘Travel’ does not define an interest. Families, Trekkers and Teenagers - they go to different places, do different things, and most importantly, they follow different creators on social media.

No more lost in translation

We recognise that the best way to reach audiences is in their local language. We have consciously created a technology solution that can work across language barriers so that you can stick to simple English.

Ready for the video generation

Video content consumption has exploded recently with the newest generation of consumers clearly vetoing all other content mediums in favour of it. Make sure you don't miss the boat.

Redefine the future of content

We believe there will be a future where marketers and creators will be able to build relationships, and carve out sustainable businesses, independent of centralised monopolistic platforms. Join us in shaping this reality by bringing it to your brand communications.