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Soulskill helps you identify relevant video content publishers based on 10,000+ audience interest points and advanced tagging, in any language, and from anywhere in the world.

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What we do

Assisting the largest video streaming app in India identify and syndicate content from video publishers mapped to specific categories.

Helped a fast-growing Dutch startup execute a native branding campaign by partnering with relevant YouTube influencers.

Working with Europe's leading angel investment platform to distribute branded content on startup focused video channels.

The Soulskill Advantage

Tags, not categories

We understand that ‘Travel’ does not define an interest. Families, Trekkers and Teenagers - they go to different places, do different things, and most importantly, they follow different creators on social media.

No more lost in translation

The best way to reach your audiences is in their preferred language. We have consciously defined our algorithms to work across language barriers, so that you can stick to simple English.

Simple and buzzword free

We keep the jargons to a minimum, because we understand that our clients care for outcomes, and not for the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Just in case you’re wondering though, our technology uses both.

Manuel Cayre,

Founder Mobypark

"Thanks to Soulskill's unique creator search capabilities, we have been able to identify several online video creators, with a highly relevant target audience, and therefore embark on a native advertising campaign where we save money and generate better sales. We would recommend them to any brand seeking to advertise online"



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The Future of Content

Keep up with the dynamic world of content marketing and online video publishing, with our founder, Hatim Baheranwala, as he interviews the leading minds in this space as part of our podcast series.

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