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Jumpstart your staffing for projects. Our automated system will shortlist candidates from multiple channels so that you focus on delivery.

Why Hire soulskill Talent

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We screen all the candidates and narrow down the ones who are a perfect match. Time is precious, save it

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Control Your Dashboard

Once you select the criteria for each position in the dashboard, we shortlist relevant candidates

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Cut Down The Effort

The most demanding task in hiring is narrowing down applicants based on what's needed. Let soulskill help you with it

300+ growing companies are actively recruiting


soulskill Lite

Upto 4 Job posts


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Algorithm based Shortlising


soulskill Platinum

Unlimited Job posts


per month

Algorithm based Shortlisting + Human Verification Layer



For larger teams

 Custom Pricing

All Platinum features

Additional specific solutions


What clients are saying about us

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Advait Gupt


Supari Studios

"With soulskill, we can finally skip going through 100s of irrelevant CVs - we instead speak directly with interested candidates who meet all our shortlist criteria"

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Jaosh Sethna

Commercial Director,

Ministry of New

"soulskill helped make hiring fun again! We can now fill up our positions in half the time and look forward to every candidate it recommends"

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Akshay Kingar



"soulskill has proved to be a valuable partner by consistently giving us quality candidates seamlessly. I recommend it to any company growing their marketing team”